December 21, 2005

Set meals delivery

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Whenever i’m too busy to cook or when it’s too cold to walk to the canteen, i order delivery. In Beijing, there are so many things you could asked for delivery, from pizza, japanese and korean food to economical rice (like chap fun, a few dishes + rice).

Li Hua Kuai Can (丽?快?) is one of the most convenient and efficient set meals delivery chain that i like so much. They provide nicely packed lunch and dinner boxes. The best thing is that, Li Hua updates their menu on their website daily. Meal variety comes in different price range. RMB6, RMB10, RMB15 and RMB20.

You can place your order on the website and determine the time of delivery. Or, you may call them at their service hotline. When the delivery guy arrive downstair of my dorm, i’ll receive a call and then i’ll rush down, pay and get my meal. If you requested the meal to be sent by 11:30am, they’ll reach your place right on time, very punctual!

I remember there was once they used to offer halal set meals for muslim. But now i don’t see it on the menu anymore.

Take a look at today’s menu:

And here’s how a set lunch looks like:

 This is my RMB6 lunch of 4 dishes: shredded carrots, glutinous noodles+pork, chinese cabbage with mushroom and braised duck.(胡?????猪肉粉????白??焖鸭)

and it comes with rice.

FYI, RMB6 equals to RM3, and save you all the hassle of preparing, cooking and washing!


December 19, 2005

Mascot of Olympics, Beijing 2008

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The Olympic Committee of Beijing 2008 had chosen 5 characters to form the set of official mascot, which is named as Friendliness ?娃(fu wa).

 Fu Wa

Note that the first word of the name of each Fu Wa makes up the phrase “Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni” (北京欢迎你), which means Beijing welcomes you. These Fu Wa(s) were transformation of fish, panda, olympic flame, Tibetan antilope and swallow in the form of cartoon.

A day after its launching, handrails in subway were decorated with the feature of Fu Wa like this: the green one, Ni Ni

and this:


My mom thinks Fu Wa HuanHuan is cute. Maybe because her favourite colour is red. She called and asked me to get her a set of 5 Fu Wa. I went to the souvenir shop in my campus, checking out the stuffed toy Fu Wa. One whole set of the 25cm Fu Wa is priced at RMB640! In the end, I bought only the red one for her. According to the shop keeper, they were instructed not to sell the Fu Wa individually. But I’m so lucky that the owner of the shop took 3 other Fu Wa for himself, and I managed to get one of the “leftover”. Weird instruction. I wonder how many people would afford to buy one whole set of Fu Wa?

Of all ‘piratable’ goods in China, the olympics related products were under very strict regulations to avoid illegal duplication or unlicensed manufacturing. Chinese government are have issued documents to protect the olympic merchandise. Every licensed merchandise comes with an authenticity seal or sticker with watermark and other safety features. And all merchandise were sold only by appointed retailers, means you can’t get cheaper or pirated olympic stuff in mass consumer market. Guess these little Fu Wa will be making lots of money for Beijing.

 Fu Wa Huan Huan, I'm bringing this back home!


November 24, 2005

Hello world!

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